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Doxski Family Reunion

Come see Grandma Doxski try to get all of her family together for a long overdue family reunion. Show starts at 7PM on beautiful Lake Zumbro at Fisherman's Inn

Monitor the Lake Zumbro Water Level and No Wake Status

The Lake Zumbro water level has been lowering significantly the past week, however it needs to lower a few more inches before the "no wake" status is lifted so we can have a show. It's going to come down to the wire! Monitor the lake level on RPU's website: http://rpu.org/about-rpu/facilities/lake-zumbro-water-level.html Monitor the "no wake" status on our main web page, skidox.com.

Donations are tax deductible!!

Exciting news for the SkiDox Water Ski team - we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization - so all your donations will be tax deductible !!! Click on the donated button on this website and donate today!!!




Fisherman's Inn


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